On My Own

By Sc Mira

You can’t always change reality, but you can escape it. "On my Own" is a form of expressing the tragic feeling of being trapped in your own body and your own reality. Donned in wigs worn in desperate times, we set out to prove that life is all about the great escape.

The video opens and ends with Tyler disguised as Sc – an attempt to show the audience that nothing is ever certain.

Included is footage from our travels as well as our own creative expressions captured in our homes. Special thanks to Tyler’s mother Karen who is in the beautiful photo we’re holding in the early shots.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Sc and Tyler Wagar
Concept by Sc and Tyler Wagar
Shot entirely on iPhone with the 8mm Vintage Camera App

Featuring Mario Lagasse, Jed Desilets, and a horse and carriage.


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