The Remedies

The Remedies

Alternative Funk Rock Urban


The Remedies were formed in the spring of 2012 when three friends decided to share their passion for engaging, original, and whimsical party music with the Winnipeg music scene. The band has since expanded to include seven members, all of whom are committed to packing dance floors, making memories and playing music.

Since their conception, The Remedies' sound has been inspired by influential party funk bands such as The Cat Empire and Five Alarm Funk, but over time has grown to be more diverse, and encompass more genres ranging from hip-hop to electronic. The Remedies' self-titled debut album was released in June of 2016, a project that combines the wit and friendship of the band members with an eclectic and exciting sound. 


The Remedies

The Remedies The Remedies

Released: June 20, 2016

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