Taylor Cash Davies and the Bourbon Birds



Taylor Palmer
77 Rillwillow Place Winnipeg MB Canada R2N1J
1 204 880 5075


We are a small indie electro group from the basements of St. Vital. Formed from a brand new musician named Bradyn Palmer, 2 members of Losing Focus, 1 from Two Socks and a certified professional sessions drummer. The Bourbon Birds have been playing shows around Winnipeg since April 2016 at venues such as The Park Theatre, The Good Will and Jekyll and Hydes to name a few. They were originally just a rap and pop cover band that has now begun to expand their horizons by having some solid originals that intertwine in their set. They have also begun to add some classic rock covers to their resume, including Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles. The Bourbon Birds are hoping to broaden their audience by keeping their live show passionate and entertaining, always making the main goal to keep them moving and surprised. Stay tuned for an EP to be released in the fall of 2017, and keep up to date on Facebook and Soundcloud for upcoming shows and news. 

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