Bad Faith

Bad Faith


Wednesday, September 7, 2016
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Rendered with a lush, future R&B sound, Bluebloods’ debut single “Bad Faith” playfully depicts broke East-End London hipsters trying to make ends meet amid the recession. 

“Texturally and rhythmically, it’s inspired by Jai Paul, and that trap-rap triplet feel that's all the rage these days,” says group leader Dorian Gay. “But harmonically, it’s closer to classical music. Indeed the chord progression is pretty much lifted right from the Romantic composer Richard Wagner.” 

Wow. Sounds convoluted. And what about the song’s message? 

“'Bad Faith' plays into the two competing narratives you hear most about Millennials. The first is that we’re entitled and apathetic. The other is that we’ve inherited a dumpy economy, and that that’s the source of the disparity between our expectations and what we what we’re actually achieving with our lives,” says Gay. "The song suggests that both narratives have some truth.” 

"Bad Faith" will be available for free streaming and download September 7th on Bluebloods' Soundcloud page:

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