Monika Wall

Monika Wall

Acoustic Adult Contemporary Blues Pop R&B Singer/songwriter


Monika Wall
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 667 8792
1 204 667 8792


Saying Manitoba based Monika Wall is a singer/songwriter tells only half of a remarkable story. Monika’s journey to her current Roots/Blues CD project ‘Let It Flow’ with Juno award winning producer Murray Pulver, has been a winding road. Her smooth and soulful voice is perfectly suited to her bluesy sophomore album which celebrates the pulse of life, the tug of music on her soul and the richness of a lifelong love with husband Alexander. 

Her sound is warm and deep like a beautifully layered red wine and easily recognizable by those who have heard her. She brings a commitment to painting the lyrics with truthfulness and a vulnerable openness. “I want my songs to reach the deepest caverns of the heart” says Monika. 

The former opera singers’ direction was forever changed after a year spent singing with an African American Gospel Choir in the midwest when she was only 18. A five year sojourn to Europe was initially taken to develop a classical career. (Masters Degree - Indiana University). Everything changed when people heard her powerful, soulful voice soaring with spirituals from a far away world. The thousand year old stone walls rang and the response was immediate and emotional. 

“extraordinary sounds....expressive, clear, adaptable and effortlessly fills the large hall” Lippische Kultur Journal 

When she returned to Canada an unfamiliar song pulled her out of her sleep one night and when two more new songs tumbled out one after the other she knew it was a call to write her own music. 

Her songs have since been heard on national radio and performed on concert stages, festivals and house concerts. Some highlights include the Nu Sounds Festival, Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, Thompson Summer Concert Series, Lyric Theatre Summer Concerts and EMCA Concert Series. Most recently her gospel/blues tune ‘Big Blue Waves’(upcoming album) took the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra by storm. 

“This is a voice that could change lives” Micah Barnes (The Nylons) 


Parallel Mondo



"'White Bread Blues'" from Parallel Mondo

Parallel Mondo



"'Get Your Happy On'" from Parallel Mondo


Amazing Grace feat. Red Moon Road by Monika Wall

Arriverderci Roma by Monika Wall

Bizet's Habanera (Carmen) by Monika Wall

Monika Wall on SHAW Winnipeg! by Monika Wall


Parallel Mondo

Parallel Mondo Monika Wall

Released: March 20, 2012

Producer: Michael Petkau Falk

Label: Independent

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