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It is hard to believe that Singer/Songwriters Adriana Lycette and Nathan Nasby had only considered the possibility or working together since early 2016.  From such humble beginnings sitting in a restaurant in L.A. chatting about songs, they have grown into a formidable writing/production team catching the attention of the music industry as well as a growing audience.

Lycette and Nasby have both felt their progression to performing artists as an incredibly natural one. With the formation of their folk duo South and Royal in summer 2016 they began putting together the pieces for their debut album titled "Hold On".

Teaming up in L.A. in November 2016 they began promoting their pre-release to publishers and some of their connections in the industry.  It was an exciting promotional trip as the album was so well received by the many industry reps they were able to connect with.  One of the particularly memorable moments was receiving a nod from hit songwriter Jason Blume.

"I wanted to let you know that I have listened to the more-than (150) CDs that were given to me at that event, and I’m writing to let you know that in my professional opinion, you are doing excellent work.......  FYI, while I heard lots of well-crafted, “good” material, this email is being sent to only (5) people-that’s approximately 3% of those whose work I reviewed."

 I am wishing you well-deserved success.

 Best regards,

Jason Blume"

Their pre-release promotional tour has led to some wonderful inroads for their music in the industry.   After hearing their album, a well connected publisher in L.A. has signed on to represent their music and promote South and Royal as a band.  In March they were honored to be the "Featured Artists" of the month, picked out of an incredible roster of award winning artists that the publisher represents.

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Their album "Hold On" officially released March 17th 2017 and is now available on CDbaby and will soon be available on Itunes and spotify.


South and Royal performed their first official show in February 2017 in Manitoba and are currently booking their promotional tour through Canada for the 2017/2018 season. 

So much has happened in the last year for the folk duo, and the momentum that has been building for them in the studio and on the road has left them hungry for more.

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