Khan Vikshyn

Khan Vikshyn

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Khan Vikshyn aka Steve Meier is a poet and hip hop artist from Winnipeg, Canada.  After working on his award-winning-critically-acclaimed-magnum-opus for 13 years he got impatient about wanting it to be just perfect and ditched it, instead releasing Normal People, a collection of recordings inspired by everyday situations he faces as a young man trying to find his way in life while working a dead end job and moonlighting as a rapper hoping to someday “make it” in the music industry.

Khan initially aspired to be a hip hop superstar like 2pac and Eminem but now he’s happier with the idea of building a sustainable independent career with a solid following like the Dayglo Abortions.  Khan was influenced by hip hop and rap in his early teens but one summer he met Jesus Bonehead of the Dayglo Abortions and that opened up his ears to a whole new way of doing things.  Punk inspired Khan to get off his ass and go for it.  The punks he was inspired by didn’t make excuses, they made it happen.  

Khan’s currently promoting his second album, a collaborative effort with Manitoban artist Dag, through music videos and live performances.  He’s working on his follow up with Dag, and other singles to release throughout 2017.


Best Buds



"Play (Drinks Up)" from Best Buds


Vices by Khan Vikshyn

Lucky by Khan Vikshyn

Apply Myself by Khan Vikshyn

You Don't Make Friends with Salad by Khan Vikshyn

Low Funds is No Fun by Khan Vikshyn


Remixes: Volume 1

Remixes: Volume 1 Khan Vikshyn

Released: September 15, 2017

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Cups Up (feat. Bayle Rhyme)

Cups Up (feat. Bayle Rhyme) Khan Vikshyn

Released: June 10, 2017

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Best Buds

Best Buds Khan Vikshyn

Released: March 8, 2016

Producer: Dag, Ralph Alpha, Abstract Artform

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Normal People

Normal People Khan Vikshyn

Released: September 6, 2014

Producer: Tory 'Wicka Wicka' Wiwchar, Abstract Artform

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