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   The collective Easy Trance is a four piece rock band that formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2015. The group consists of lead guitarist, Brayden (Shelly) Schellenberg, singer and rhythm guitarist John (Andrew) Unrau, bassist Reese (Michael) Antonishin, and drummer Chad Martens. Starting as a basement band with a heavy investment into freestyle jamming, the group progressively developed into a new age inventive sound with roots in genres such as blues, jazz, funk, reggae, psych, and alt rock. Currently, the group has been playing bars and parties in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. They have also begun undertaking their first studio album “Medium Funk”, recording out of Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts (MOSMA) in house studio - set to release early 2018.


    Live, the band prides themselves on producing an environment of recreation and repose. Regarded as a group on the cusp of an entirely new motif, the band is defined in a dense music space with originality and raw musicianship. Brothers before bandmates, the four extroverts irrefutably assert their sound at any venue, and control the space with a chemistry that would be nonviable to an average batch of mates. Consistently, the bulk of Easy Trance shows are a high energy party environment with tailor-made doses of feel good grooves and elaborate instrumentals. With a vigorous driving rhythm section, and colourfully expressive guitar melodies, the collective has fabricated an authentic resonance that can not be dismissed.


  Striving to advance music while simultaneously leaving their own mark, Easy Trance is one of the newest and most compelling ensembles on the scene. The band has managed to situate themselves outside the box, and make a name as a force to be reckoned with. In their quest for longevity - whether or not Easy Trance produces lasting results - they stand as an entity worth dissection. 



Jazz Café / Round N Round - Fixed Dice by Easy Trance

The Golden Moon EP by Easy Trance


The Golden Moon EP

The Golden Moon EP Easy Trance

Released: April 20, 2016

Producer: Reese Michael

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