Jess Reimer

Jess Reimer

Alt. Country Bluegrass Roots




LOFT SESSIONS "Whippoorwill" by Jess Reimer

The lonesome death of Maggie the retriever by Jess Reimer

Spring Columbine (Live at the West End Cultural Centre) by Jess Reimer


The Nightjar and the Garden

The Nightjar and the Garden Jess Reimer

Released: October 7, 2014

Label: Pipe & Hat

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Sweet Darling and Sorrow

Sweet Darling and Sorrow Jess Reimer

Released: October 23, 2010

Producer: Grant Siemens

Label: Independent

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Slave to This World

Slave to This World Jess Reimer

Released: January 21, 2006

Producer: Norman Dugas & the band

Label: Independent

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So Long Alone

So Long Alone Jess Reimer

Released: January 22, 2004

Producer: Doug and Jess Reimer

Label: Independent

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