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JanSTAR Entertainment


Janice Starodub
Winnipeg MB Canada


Whether it's producing shows, organizing workshops or advising clients, Janice Starodub has become one of the most in-demand music consultants, providing a liaison with Nashville and a bridge to the Canadian music industry.

In 2012, Janice joined the team of award winning manager and producer Chris Burke-Gaffney/CBG Artist Development, as management advisor for a host of artists including CCMA Award Nominated MacKenzie Porter. In 2013 she established her own management and consulting company JanSTAR Entertainment, managing such acts as Petric, Bryce Pallister, and Rhia Rae. 2015 was an exciting year for JanSTAR Entertainment with Petric signing a record deal with Country star and multi-platinum selling artist Dallas Smith's new label SteelHead Music, Rhia Rae signing a sync deal with Indie Orange out of Nashville and Los Angeles, and Kendra Kay winning MCMA Female Artist of the Year. Through JanStar Entertainment, Janice Starodub continues to bring new and exciting artists into the mainstream.

As an avid country music aficionado, Janice has produced and promoted the Songwriters Association of Canada Bluebird North shows, the Lockport Dam Family Festival, the sold out Kickin' It Country series, the Manitoba Country Music Awards, and many others. Through her hard work and dedication, Janice built a vibrant group of writers and artists, which grew into the Manitoba Country Songwriters Association. She is also an Executive member of the Board of Directors for the Manitoba Country Music Association and was co-chair for the 2015 MCMA Awards.

Janice, on her own or in conjunction with others, is providing a multitude of resources and opportunities within the industry, while continuously supporting and promoting country music as a whole in Manitoba and Canada.

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